Tuesday, July 2, 2013

4 & 2 week old Red Golden Pheasant Chicks

The older four week old enjoys the company of the younger chicks.

The chicks have been the brooder house for a week already.  The two week olds are feathering out nicely.

The re-purposed playhouse (formerly the infirmary) is now the Brooder House.

Two of the windows have been screened along with the window panels in the door.  There is the familiar brooder lamp hung in the corner which comes on in the evening with a low wattage bulb to take any chill off.  Even with the hot temps and humidity I still find the chicks huddled together under the light in the morning. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Red Golden Hatch

We were sitting around the dining room table last evening having cake and ice cream with the family when there was heard a few loud 'peeps'. At first I thought it was the two week old Red Golden chick who has been upstairs patiently waiting for the newbies to arrive. I then realized it had to be coming from the office where the incubator is set up. The first peep hatched out around 10 PM. By 1:00 AM there were 4 and now at 8:00 AM there are 6!

Another egg just pipped so after the zipping is done, number seven will be added.

Here are the six 16 hour olds in the small brooder already.

This has been a very successful hatch. The incubator allows for more control of the hatch and keeps the peeps protected after they hatch. These little ones are so darn cute.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Weed Eating Chickens

With recent rain and new mulch, the chickens have become the yard weed-eaters and earth tillers.

The red golden pheasants have laid their eggs for the season. I also have an incubation going that is into the last week's stretch. This year presented its challenges. The mixed bag of early Spring weather caused the hens to get out of synch. Eggs began to appear however they weren't sat on until after the cold snap was gone. Have one peep from a live hatch, and looks like five developing in the the bator.

Pearly the Buff Orpington, mysteriously came up lame, not being able to walk. I put her in isolation for three days. Her appetite was unaffected, her general appearance had not diminished, no bumble foot or other signs of any open cut or wound. She even laid two eggs, during her three days of r & r. By day three she was itching to get back with the flock. Still do not know what happened to her. She thankfully still remains my faithful morning greeter.

The Country Chicken Wellness Clinic

This old kiddie play house worked out perfect to keep the cats and others away while Pearly convalesced. Had to make sure all the shutters were closed including the ones on the back.

The garden is coming along. The Stonehead cabbage is very hardy. The Yukon Gold potatoes are doing well. The tomato and pepper plants from the neighbor are coming back strong. (Shortly after planting, the starlings came along and snipped the young plants close to the ground).

Looking forward to seeing how well the acorn and straight neck yellow squash will do this season. The starlings even went after the young cucumber plants which had to get re-seeded. The squash was planted in a different spot in the garden.